My final words is xxx
The future is very exciting. It takes all excitement and passion to explore the future.
I wish the future forum great success.
… beyond what we can see, what we can feel.

And this is the talk he’s going to give. And I would like to invite you to welcome xxx.

Thanks xx for that very nice and warm introduction.
Actually I feel quite insecure standing here facing the audience because this is probably the first time I am giving a scientific talk in four months.
This is unusual you know for a scientist.
I think this might be the first time in my life to give such a talk after this long period of silence in science or in presentation.
I am hoping by spending next ten years in science I can do something that I truelly will feel proud of my life in science.
So for the next 40 mins or so I’m going to tell a story that began to unfold xx
As shown here in this slide, is a diagram I took from the PNAS paper published from xxx.
we all know the central dogma or information flow in living or living organisms on earth very well.
it flows from genetic materials DNA to RNA then eventually to life executing proteins.
DNA –Transcription—> RNA –Translation—> Protein

For transcription and translation, both processes are quite ordered. you can even call it one dimensional search.
that’s of course not one-dimensional per se. But you can imagine that is the case.
because in the first step transcription what you need is to have genomic DNA transcribed to pre-mRNA in a one-to-one relationship. One DNA base to one RNA base.
that is executed by RNA polymerase.
In the third step, protein translation what you need to do is for every three bases of mRNA, triplet codon, you have one amino acid specified. So again it is in a way one-dimensional information flow. three to one.
so before I describe xx, I’d like to call your attention to the xxx.
So I know I’m spending a lot of time on introduction. but I think the value of my talk is really embedded in introduction.
as you will see structure in the ends explains just my introduction.
So the next slide, this slide, describes essentially all that I want to tell this audience. so bear with me for a couple of minutes.
the upper left corner describes again xxx