hello and welcome to xxx
I am just going to briefly touch upon what this xx will be about. and also I want to mention that xxx
so what is this xx, what isn’t this xx
I have presented some of these talks to the labs that I work in locally. and there were definitely folks in the audience who did not have xx experience.
I think they still got something out of it. they built their understanding.
so it is still useful if you’re completely new. but it’s going to be more useful for those of you who’ve been running xxx.

but either way, I will give you a shot and see what you get out of it.
I’m not going to start from like the basics in xx textbook necessarily. I am focusing on sort of these aha moments I’ve had along the way as I’ve been working with xx, and trying to figure things out.
That’s the stuff I want to share with you because it’s not obvious.
so the first thing I want to talk about will be xx
if you haven’t heard about it, don’t worry about it. I will explain what it is.
if you have, I just want to explain what it is, and why it’s good.
then the next section ..
I will ask you in the audience for some examples that you might want to share.
and at last, I hope to cover .xxx
but it turns out that this is a pretty tricky topic in xxx
I’m hoping to walk me a way through that and digest it.
so that’s it. it’s really all I have to say.
my voice is a little hoarse because I have a cold. but hopefully that will clear up as xx goes.
anyway, so let’s get started.

I’m gonna start with a quick xx review.
primer motivation here is just to set up some notation which I can use to build upon for xx.
so other than that , the goal of this is just quickly review xx
But I am not going to getting into the nitty-gritty.
and the most important things I want to take ways from this are xx
I will do my best to keep equations at a minimum, but I really do need just a couple to get through this.
I will go over them many many time. hopefully the repetition will help.
hopefully that will help pull together the entire picture.
and quickly I’m getting over a cold so I apologize for my voice. but doing my best hopefully I won’t cough at all.
that’s it.
the best place for questions about xx is the Facebook group ..
I do try to address questions
so thanks a lot for your time and have a nice day.