Mlxtend is short for machine learning extension, “a Python library of useful tools for day-to-day data science tasks”. I came across this amazing package when searching for a quick python solution of permutation test for hypothesis testing. The current version is 0.17.2.

Installation is easy:
pip install mlxtend

A permutation_test function is available from this package for premutation testing of two-sided t test (by default), and any other custom functions (via the option func).

Lots of other functions are provided. Here I list two of them.
The extract_face_landmarks function detects the faces in a given image, and then it will return the face landmark points. As the function is based on dlib‘s face landmark detection code, dlib should be installed. pip install dlib
This step takes a few minutes. Note that cmake should be installed for installing dlib. On Mac, one can install cmake via brew:brew install cmake
“Dlib is a modern C++ toolkit containing machine learning algorithms and tools for creating complex software in C++ to solve real world problems.”
Here is an example generated using this function (reference link).
Face Landmarks

A EyepadAlign class is available for aligning face images on eye location.
Many more functions are indexed here.

A paper has been published on the Journal of Open Source Software.