Jan. 30, 2018 Gave a talk Global Team Neuroscience: Updates from the ENIGMA Lateralization Working Group at the workshop on Imaging Genetics of Human Brain Laterality held in the Max Planck Institute, Nijmegen.

Jan. 8, 2018 Manuscript about the Bayes Factor and JASP was accepted by Advances in Psychological Science (In Chinese). Pre-print Download

Dec. 30, 2017 Received the Distinguished Doctorial Dissertation Award (优秀博士学位论文) at Beijing Normal University. Announcement

Oct. 1, 2017 Manuscript Mapping Cortical Brain Asymmetry in 17,141 Healthy Individuals Worldwide via the ENIGMA Consortium submitted to bioRxiv. Pre-print Download

‘Sep. 7-8, 2018’ Presented a poster Gene Expression Correlates of the Human Language Network, at the Neurogenomics: the road ahead in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Jul. 14, 2017 Manuscript Sex-linked Association between Cortical Scene Selectivity and Navigational Ability was accepted by NeuroImage. Full Text PDF

Jun. 28, 2017 Presented a poster Differential Gene Expression Associated with Frontal and Occipital Asymmetries of the Human Brain at the OHBM2017 in Vancouver, Canada.

Jun. 24, 2017 Gave a talk Mapping Cortical Brain Asymmetry in 17,141 Healthy Individuals Worldwide at the ENIGMA Data Blitz Dinner meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada, before the OHBM2017.

Feb. 1, 2017 Paper Genetic Variation in S100B Modulates Neural Processing of Visual Scenes in Han Chinese was published in Cerebral Cortex. Full Text Download

Jan. 4, 2017 Manuscript Quantifying the Variability of Scene-selective Regions: Interindividual, Interhemispheric, and Sex Differences was accepted as Cover Article in Human Brain Mapping. Full Text Download

Nov. 2016 Attended the Human Brain Project Education Programme - Third HBP School, Obergurgl, Austria.

Aug. 31, 2016 Moved to Nijmegen, The Netherlands, and started a position in the MPI&Donders.